The finest clobber and swag for Bearded brothers

CoolBeardBro story......

No phone, No Internet, Just the constant rhythm of the ocean rocking your boat side to side, and an endless blue horizon stretching out in all directions.

Ahoy me hearties, Not many of you knew me before I set off on my adventures on the high sea’s, My name is Skipper Quinn and not only am I one of the greatest captain’s on the seven seas but also an amazing purveyor of swag and clobber of the finest quality.

After a close call recently with a Whale that would of made Moby Dick look like a well known clown fish, I have decided to announce to my fellow bearded sailor brethren , that the time has come for change of course.

That it was time for this old skipper to give up his sea legs, and get back to my other passion and that is making the finest clobber and swag for my fellow Bearded brothers on dry land. Batten down the hatches,

I am retaking the helm from my good friend and founder of this little enterprise Paul Hartley….. So Skipper Quinn is back, and here to stay so keep your eyes peeled and your coppers & shillings handy as there will be plenty of exciting new merch for you to peruse and enjoy as much as i do…..

Skipper Quinn

Skipper Quinn