• Image of IBeardclub Beard & Moustache Competition 2017

Sat 5 Aug 2017 • 2.30pm
Alexandra Arms, 72-73 James St, Rugby CV21 2SL

Competition Registration:

Styled Moustache – Time to show the curls for the girls, or is it as straight as a die? Have you got the winning tash so strong it could hold up a bank!?!

Natural Moustache - Free as a bird. In this category you can show us that your tash is as natural as the day you were born.

Partial Beard – Is it a bird is it a plane? Show us the best of the rest, the Mutton chops, the Musketeer, the Goatee, the Whaler...if it don’t fit else where it will here.

Full Beard Styled Tash – For the man who has it all to show, no matter if your beard is 6 inches or 8 foot we don’t care, all we want to see is a moustache to match, the full set so to speak (just keep it handsome)

Full Beard Natural – let the wind run freely though that man mane, no matter how long all we ask is your beard is free from product.

Freestyle – What are you waiting for? Go grab your misses’ hairspray, the kids loom bands and go crazy... extra points for effort, even more for a pirate theme.

Ladies – It’s your turn ladies wether its knitted, stitched, painted, or even if you’ve shaved the dog we want to see if you can beat the old men (please don’t shave the dog #dogsgetcoldtoo)

Kids – So can you beat us all with your best creations, stick it, print it, it can be pink, blue, green or unicorn colours it really doesn’t matter but remember it’s all about the beard and have some fun...

All entries are £10 person spectators are free, funds raised will go to https://www.macmillan.org.uk/

Registration on the day 12-2 competition starts at 2:30pm.